About Websmitten

Me, pixelated.

Websmitten is a web design business for small businesses and non-profits. I work closely with my clients to create a site that is custom-fit to their needs. When you work with me, you will get personal attention from a relational web designer that won’t snow you with technical language. I will listen to you and your needs and make recommendations that fit your business. Your site will be beautiful and you can choose to haveĀ a site where the content will be easy to update by you, when you want – or the more traditional model where I do all the work for you.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have worked in the computer business since 1992. I worked in computer hardware repair for IBM, operations and technical support for ARCO oil, training and support for Baylor University, database scripting for Anchorage FHA, and freelance web design since 2001. I also worked a couple of summers for the Alaska Railroad as a tour guide and I think this gives me quite an advantage with customer service that many computer programmers lack.

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