Choices goes LIVE

Dec 01 2010

Finally went live with our Choices Medical Clinic redesign today.

We went from this:

To this:

The hardest part of this site was by far putting together the perinatal hospice slide show. If you don’t know what perinatal hospice is, take a visit to their site and read about it. To do the slide show I had to go through dozens of photos of a family who had used hospice for their newborn and I cried and cried every time! I love this service that they offer and I think it so honors life to go through the pain and allow a child to die in his or her own time.

The only hiccup in going live is finding out they had an email server in the office under the old domain name. It took a couple of phone calls and some panic, but we resolved it fairly quickly by putting in an MX and A record for their mail server. Whew!

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