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Jan 01 2013

Hello, folks. We’ve moved to Orofino, Idaho! We came in September of 2012. I have four kids now – ranging from 8 down to 18 months. I am homeschooling and we are shopping for a house to buy. I am still maintaining several websites, but am not looking for new work at this time. My new contact info has been updated if you need me!

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Thanks from Poco Seymour

May 09 2011

Got a note from Vickie of today:

“Thanks again for your help, the website looks awesome!”

Thanks, Vickie!

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Toot from Buena Vista Rentals

Apr 16 2011

“The web site has been a real good tool for my little biz. Thank YOU!”

Buena Vista Rentals

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Choices goes LIVE

Dec 01 2010

Finally went live with our Choices Medical Clinic redesign today.

We went from this:

To this:

The hardest part of this site was by far putting together the perinatal hospice slide show. If you don’t know what perinatal hospice is, take a visit to their site and read about it. To do the slide show I had to go through dozens of photos of a family who had used hospice for their newborn and I cried and cried every time! I love this service that they offer and I think it so honors life to go through the pain and allow a child to die in his or her own time.

The only hiccup in going live is finding out they had an email server in the office under the old domain name. It took a couple of phone calls and some panic, but we resolved it fairly quickly by putting in an MX and A record for their mail server. Whew!

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Relocation to Kenai

Oct 10 2010

We have finally moved back to Alaska! Am operating out of Kenai. Three small kids is taking toll on the business so am just maintaining current clients as of now. The good news is I am now a Mac/PC shop.


My little family in front of the Kenai Peninsula

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some good Mac Software

Sep 10 2009

So I had a baby and didn’t get my mac yet. Still dreaming and scheming. Looking at some good Mac software…

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Time to update hardware/software

Mar 11 2009

It’s that time again. I bought a new laptop for my business when my home-made desktop died in 2004. It was in the middle of a project, so I needed a new computer immediately. I went to Costco and bought an HP Pavilion dv4000 – which I have been very happy with. It was a good price, and it’s been reliable, has good battery life, excellent graphics… Now it has become slow, there are several glitches in my software, and a crack in the top of the case on the back of the display. So it is almost 5 in human years – what is that in computer years? According to this web calculator – 20 years. So I could wipe the thing and rebuild it and probably get another good year out of it. That would take me a couple of weeks probably – I could be functional in a day or two. But being a pregnant mother of two kids under 5, I have to work in increments of an hour or so…

So I am considering now as the time to finally become a Mac shop. I’ve always loved Macs, but have always been too cheap to own one. Way back when I did tech support for ARCO, 3 or 4 of us could man the phones and support our whole company using Macs. When we converted to a PC shop, we had to double our staff on the phones and still had trouble keeping up. We thought it might be just the pain of the transition, but the phone support traffic never died down  – even on into a couple of years past the migration. Macs are reliable.

And they are hard to beat when it comes to graphics.

They are slick in design, sleek in software, almost impervious to viruses…

Mac users are almost cult-like in their loyalty. Which means they love them. There must be good reason, surely?

So why have I waited so long to switch? It’s not just the expense – it’s also the software. I have already purchased the software I need for the PC platform. And there are tons of free apps out there that I use that aren’t written for the Mac.

But now the time has come where I need to upgrade my laptop AND my software… So I can make the jump.

Here is what I’m considering:

  • 2.4GHz MacBook Pro 15.4″ with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz / 2GB RAM / 250GB Hard Drive / NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT / SuperDrive / iSight Webcam / Bluetooth / Extreme WiFi / Mac OS X Leopard- $1,849 from
  • Switch my Adobe CS3 Design Premium to CS4 Web Premium for $440 (offer lasts until April 30, 2009) on a Mac platform – or just pay the fee to switch my current CS3 to the Mac platform ($?)
  • Get iWorks 2008 $79
  • Switch from Microsoft Money to Quicken online for free
  • Use something like Billings 3 Professional from for $39.99 (this is a Mac application)

I’m not sure if I’m thinking of everything I need, but that is the basics to keep me going. So that total is about $1,968 (or $2,408 if I upgrade to CS4).

If I were to upgrade my current situtaion and stay PC:

  • A new HP Pavilion 2.4GHz / 4GB RAM / 320GB Hard Drive / Geforce 9600M GT / Blu-Ray / Webcam / 802.11AGN / Bluetooth / Vista Home Premium 64-Bit from would run me $1,150.
  • Upgrade to CS4 for $440
  • Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 Professional upgrade $270

Total $1,860. If I don’t upgrade to CS4 or Microsoft Office, then just the $1,150.

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Inserting Flash movie into WordPress

Mar 02 2009

Found a few tricks when using Kimili Flash Embed to embed a Flash Movie… If you want a skin on there and you want to be able to use the full screen mode:

1. In your Flash player, go to Window/Properties/Parameters, and set your skin to the absolute path. For example,

2. On Scene 1, Frame 1 (or wherever is appropriate for your movie), put the following actionscript allowing it to access the skin:
//this is the parent domain of where your SWF file is located
//this is going to allow access to the domain specified

3. Republish and repost the SWF

4. If this is a default skin, go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\FLVPlayback Skins\FLA\ActionScript 3.0\ and locate the source file – in my example, SkinOverPlayStopSeekFullVol.fla (if it’s not a default skin, be sure to give your custom skin permission as in the following step).

6. Open the source, and insert the following code in the ActionScript:
//You do not have to allow all domains. If you know the specified domain you are trying to access simply insert your url

7. Publish and copy the new SWF to your location

8. If  you want to be able to use the Full Screen mode, you’ll need to tell Kimili you want that – in my example:
[kml_flashembed movie=””  allowfullscreen=”true”/]

Thanks to Nicole for this tip:

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Feb 28 2009

I use a plug in called reCAPTCHA on several of my WordPress sites. It’s a little program that shows you a picture of a combination of letters for you to type in that prove you are human and not a spammer. I figured CAPTCHA stood for something about character recognition, but I was curious why it was called ‘re’CAPTCHA. Well, I just ran across an article in the Christian Science Monitor about reCAPTCHA. It’s actually quite ingenious.

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Sandbox security violation solution

Feb 27 2009

I have been using the Kimili Flash Embed plug in for WordPress, and, of course, I’m always doing something a little out of the ordinary that’s not working. Recently, I’ve been trying to post movies. I’ll import the movie into FLASH which turns it into an FLV file. Then I add a skin and publish a SWF player. I upload the FLV, the SWF and the skin SWF. Firefox was showing the movie with no skin. So was IE, but IE gave me the error I needed to track down the solution. First, it was showing that it wasn’t taking skin location from the same directory as the FLV and the SWF. So to fix that, I went into the FLA and under Parameters, changed the skin to the full http path. Then, IE showed I was getting a sandbox security violation. Thankfully, Nicole Rutter’s blog had already figured out this one: Thanks, Nicole! It works!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell Kimili that you want to allow fullscreen mode if you chose a skin that has a fullscreen button, for example: [kml_flashembed movie=””  allowfullscreen=”true”/]

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